Compassion Central About to Embark on a New Mission

Compassion Central, housed in Henry Beck Park in Biloxi, has become a hub for people in need since Katrina.

Urban Life Ministries workers have been handing out food and clothing to residents in the area for the past few weeks, but they're about to embark on yet another mission.

"We first came for the distribution of the food and feeding people. We've got clothes at this site, but now we're ready to switch to the new phase," said Urban Life Ministries worker Kevin Beck. "Our goal now is going to be to fix these houses, the ones we can fix."

Lifelong Biloxi resident Yvonee Agee is first on the list.

Katrina gutted the 81-year-old widow's Division Street home, leaving her without a place to live.

Agee is still waiting for her FEMA trailer, but she's also anxious to rebuild the house she's called home for decades.

"My daddy built that house in 1926, so I've been in that house ever since 1926," she said.

Beginning this week, Urban Life Ministry workers plan to help Agee, and many others like her, build back--a mission they know won't be complete anytime in the near future.

"It's going to take a long time, I would say years, I know no one wants to hear that, but we're committed for as long as we can stay here to help as long as we can to help the people," Beck said.

It may be a while before Agee can get back in her home, but for now she'll continue to lean on her helpers and newfound friends at Compassion Central.