The Party Goes On In Pass Christian

As in years past, the beautiful oaks in Memorial Park reigned over quite a celebration Saturday afternoon in Pass Christian.

There was music, laughter, and even quite a few popular characters hanging around.

"We think Pass Christian is a town that always is a party town. We got a lot of influence from New Orleans. That's where we inherited from, and we want to do something to thank all the workers that have been here from day one," said Pass Christian alderman-at-large Chipper McDermott.

Some of those out-of town- relief workers include the Topeka, Kansas police department, who have been assisting the police of Long Beach and Pass Christian.

"We've been helping them to keep looters out of the area.We've also been helping them with basic police services as they've been hampered since the storm," said Topeka police officer Jeff Whisler.

So the honorees had the opportunity to kick back and enjoy a little fun and relaxation, with the help of South Mississippians, who joined in on the fun as well - including Mea Hill and her two-week old baby, Lillian.

"It's just a good opportunity for the kids to get out and have something to do you know. There's really not that much going on, not any parks open for them to go play in, so I was excited, and he's having a good time. My son is," said Hill.

And there was plenty for children and adults to do like paint a pumpkin, shoot a few hoops, or get in a good laugh at surprise guest - Pass Christian's own Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.

It was just a few hours to simply forget about the past and look toward what is to come.

"We will continue stuff regardless of how bad it is, we'll fix it up and we'll be back to normal again," said McDermott.

The Halloween fun for the children today was sponsored by Good Morning America and WalMart.