Cruise Ship Turned Shelter Docks In Pascagoula

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the homes of countless South Mississippians

For weeks, more than 14 hundred Mississippi Katrina evacuees have called the Carnival cruise ship Holiday home.

After being docked in Mobile since the immediate aftermath, this cruise ship turned shelter finally pulled into port in Pascagoula on Saturday.

Smiles and laughter could be seen on the face of residents as they stepped off the Carnival cruise ship Holiday.

"I was happy I was real happy because I wanted to be back home," said one Katrina evacuee.

For weeks The cruise ship housed Katrina Evacuees in Mobile, a little too far from home for some residents.

"Over here I can get something done. In Mobile I could not get anything done," said another Katrina evacuee.

"The are all happy to be back in Pascagoula," said FEMA spokesman Gene Romano.

The ship was originally suppose to dock at Port of Pascagoula but was delayed by FEMA

"We were making sure the pier area the port area and the fencing was secure so we can provide security for the ship While residents are glad to be back in Mississippi.

They are just as glad to have a place to call home while they are here.

"People are very happy with the accommodations have the food on the board is excellent," said one Katrina evacuee.

"The food the security the people they were very nice," said another Katrina evacuee.

FEMA spokesman Gene Romano says the cruise ship is expected to stay in Pascagoula until further notice.