Hancock County Residents Weigh In On Future

Even amidst destruction, the beauty of Hancock County is still apparent. And that beauty is what hundreds of residents gathered to help preserve.

It was their chance to comment on what they want to see and what they can do without. The comments ran the gamut.

"A lot of us were fighting against these mass huge concrete box condos, and I'm just wondering, can we stop worrying about that because it certainly doesn't fit into anything I've seen."

"I noticed that there are a few electrical lines and poles going up already in very few main streets in Waveland. And I want to recommend that we put into our new codes, whether its zoning or building codes, that all services be put underground."

"We've given up on federal money and on insurance. We're gonna come up with our own way to fund ourselves, but we can't seem to get a permit. When can we come home and rebuild?"

"I'd like to point out respectfully to all of you guys, not one time has anyone mentioned Clermont Harbor. It's been Waveland, Gulfport, Bay St. Louis."

"Six feet higher than what? And at what sea level, like if your property is existing, just as an example 20 feet above sea level presently, does that mean that your new home would have to be 26 feet above sea level?"

"In an earlier comment, somebody said we're gonna rebuild a bigger and better Mississippi or whatever. And a lot of us don't want to be bigger."

All of these comments will be taken under consideration in preparation for the final report due on Governor Haley Barbour's desk on December 9th.

Two additional meetings are scheduled for Hancock County. The next meeting will be held November 8th at Hancock North Central Elementary School at 6:30. Another meeting will follow on November 9th at the Diamondhead Community Center, also at 6:30 p.m.