Hancock County Family Faces Flood Then Fire

The old saying "misery loves company" is an appropriate description for the unfortunate events that happened to a couple in Hancock County.

They lost two homes in less than two months. First came Katrina's destructive wind and water and now an electrical fire.

It's a story of misfortune and determination.

"I just didn't know what to do. I just broke down in tears. There's nothing I could do," said Emily Hunter, as she looked toward her burned out mobile home.

Hunter and Jonathan Johnson returned from the grocery store Tuesday to find their mobile home in flames. Such a fire is tragedy enough. But it comes just weeks after losing their home to Katrina.

"I can't believe it. It's still got me trembling and butterflies inside. To wake up sleeping at his mom and dad's house, and knowing we can't go home, 'cause we don't have anything to go home to once again," said Hunter.

The first tragedy happened on Morton Avenue, just two blocks off the beach in Pass Christian.

"I kind of knew it was going to be like this, living so close to the beach," Hunter explained.

The rental home they'd lived in since January was no match for Katrina's powerful waves.

"The house moved off its foundation and slammed into our neighbor's house. It was a disaster," said Johnson.

Two-year-old Elijah offers the couple much joy amid the misery. Several photos of their son were saved from the flames.

"These two pictures here were some that the fireman had saved. He set them on top my car," Hunter said.

Facing the future is difficult following both flood and fire.

"Now I just got to look forward to working. And try to give them another roof over their head," said Johnson.

Watching their son at play emphasizes what Katrina taught and the fire confirmed: Things are replaceable.

"Even though this is a tragedy with Katrina and then the fire, I still have faith because the Lord has saved us. Because me, my son and my fiance are still alive. Thank God we weren't in here sleeping whenever the fire happened," said Emily Hunter.

An electrical short is blamed for the mobile home fire. The young family lost most everything in the blaze. If you'd like to help them recover, you can reach the family at (228) 586-9339.