D'Iberville Needs Help Identifying Damaged Grave Sites

If anyone in your family is buried in Charles Cuaves Cemetery, the City of D'Iberville needs your help.

Katrina disturbed many of the graves and headstones in the historic cemetery and displaced caskets. Now the city needs to know where the bodies were buried to put each one back in its proper resting place.

Captain Jay Williams has been fighting fires for his hometown of D'Iberville for eight years. His new task is to locate the final resting places of nine of the city's deceased citizens who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

"We want to rebuild this mausoleum here, but we got to know which casket went in that one. That's what we need for people to say, 'Hey, my family member was in these two mausoleums here,' so when we rebuild it we can put them back where they rightfully go."

Williams says some of the people buried here date back to the 1840s. Katrina opened many mausoleums in this historic place.

"This is one of the worst ones and it had four caskets in it."

The wind and water of Katrina tossed nine closed caskets with remains hundreds of yards away from Cuaves Cemetery.

"Right after the storm, we carried a casket from I-10 over here, carried it over here, it was all the way out there. And somebody put it in this mausoleum here, but it didn't belong there."

Williams says the caskets have paperwork telling them who the deceased is. But with so many graves destroyed, they need family members to tell them where their loved one was buried.

"If your great-grandparents, or someone you know is buried here, if you can just pin point where they were... once that mausoleum is rebuilt, we can slide him right back in."

If you have information that could help Jay Williams find the proper resting place for anyone who was buried at Cuaves Cemetery in D'Iberville, call (228) 348-1756.