Companies Offer New Options For Fast Housing

An estimated 70,000 homes in South Mississippi were either damaged or destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Nearly eight weeks after the deadly storm, thousands of Coast residents are still without a roof of their own over their heads. Al Showers takes a look at some of the options on the market for instant permanent housing.

Dave and Angela Boyett were thrust into the housing market after hurricane Katrina severely damaged their South Mississippi home. The house the couple is now looking at is called a "Safeway Home." It's a modular home set up on a concrete slab in just one week.

"Once we go in and pour the concrete slab, we give it approximately 24 hours to cure, then we come in and start setting the house. Once we start setting the house, approximately seven days, the owner can move in," Charlie Waters with Safeway Homes said.

The Safeway Homes can be built to just about any specification. Choose your own size, style, and even siding. Company leaders say it's a home you can feel safe in.

"These homes were structurally engineered to withstand category 5 winds."

The manufacturers of another modular home say it's built to withstand 180 mile per hour winds. And it goes up almost instantly.

"From the time of arrival on site and placement on either a slab foundation or on a temporary cleared area, it can go up in 5 hours easily possibly less," said Chuck McCune with Five Hour Homes.

The 256-square foot home comes equipped with an upstairs storage loft and living space below.

"It's also designed to be a efficient volume of space. It's a high ceiling, so it's a different experience living in the building. It's not a show box kind of situation," McCune said.

If space is a concern, the housing units can be connected to create a bigger home.

"As many as you want, as much as your space will allow. They can go up on piers in areas in flood zones that need to be elevated."

Manufactured homes are another option for quick housings. They're usually ready to move into in just two to four days.

"If someone wanted to immediately have a turn key process, this home could come to their location with bedrooms, coaches everything they would possibly need," Mike Steele with G.M. Prime Housing said.

To find out more about the Safeway Homes, call (601) 824-2246.

For information on the Five Hour Houses, contact McCune Works Inc. at 1-866-622-8630 or (505) 877-9007. You may also email them at the following address: