Volunteers Prepare To Take On Mold

The bleach used to get rid of mold may actually be adding to the problem. That's what an expert told several volunteer groups in East Biloxi on Monday at a seminar on mold removal.

The volunteers want to do the best they can to get East Biloxi houses flooded by Katrina suitable enough for the homeowners to move back in. Volunteers believe they could do a better job if they knew what to do.

Nick Heyming of Catholic Charities set up the seminar.

"They're all trying to do the best that they can to get these houses to the point where we can start rebuilding. Unfortunately, nobody is quite sure what those steps are."

Mold expert Travis Tassey's training session stressed safety and proper equipment. He advised volunteers to bypass a commonly used household product.

"People shouldn't use bleach because it will leave something behind that will pull water back into it later," said Tassey. "What they should use is any other type of sanitizer that has soap in it also."

City officials say nearly every house in East Biloxi needs this type of cleaning. Volunteers know they don't have the resources to remove all mold or fix all problems, but say every bit of knowledge helps.

Carrie O'Neal volunteers for Hands On USA.

"By better understanding the process, we're better able to use our resources in order to better help this community."

Travis Tassey also says people shouldn't use pressure washers to remove mold. He says that introduces more water into the home and water is what's causing the mold in the first place.