Boat Ramp Needed In Biloxi

Biloxi City Councilman Charles Harrison says that when he was first elected, and even in this latest campaign, getting another boat ramp in Biloxi was an issue for him, the mayor, and for other city council members. As a matter of fact, it's been an issue that's been kicked around for many years.

It's hard to imagine that the city of Biloxi, even with its long stretches of waterfront, has one main boat ramp launch especially considering the number of boaters and jet skiers, and the many water activities that residents and tourists take part in daily.

"It's a necessity because on the salt water side, you go from the small craft harbor to Gulfport for 15 miles, and you don't have a boat launch ramp," Harrison said.

The plans for a boat launch ramp in West Biloxi would ideally be put in at Veterans Avenue. Several businesses in the area are on Harrison's list to hear the presentation, and with their approval he says it's the ideal location.

"It's centrally located on the salt water side, we're going to have adequate parking, it's going to be secure and it's going to be well lit and it's going to be a deep water launch. Veterans Avenue is right in the heart of Biloxi and it can be accessed from either the west or the east side."

Harrison estimates the project needs about 1.3 million dollars to be realized. So far, $550,000 has been secured for the project using Tidelands money from the state, and another $300,000 has been put toward the project out of the city of Biloxi's General Fund.

"Now we have to get the county, and with that it would be a tribunal, we would have the state, the county and the city all working on the same project toward a common goal and benefiting the citizens of Biloxi, so if we can get that commitment and financial commitment from the county we'll be well on our way."