Some Contractors Unhappy With Long Beach Permit Fee

Long Beach Building Official Vic Lasabe is in charge of issuing building permits for local citizens and contractors.

With so many homes receiving damage in the city, permits have become a hot item. However, some contractors are not happy with the City of Long Beach.

They say while Harrison County, Biloxi and Gulfport have waived all fees for permits, contractors in Long Beach must pay between $30 to $60 to secure a permit.

Lasabe said the city is charging contractors a permit fee because Long Beach is suffering financially. But, he stresses, the city is waiving the permit fee for local homeowners.

The City of Long Beach will check out the out-of-town contractors to make sure they are legitimate. Once they fill out the necessary paperwork, they'll receive a special license which is posted on the building site.

Also, homeowners must bring their deed to the permit office which is located in the cleaners next to the Choice Supermarket on Railroad street.

Lasabe says if homeowners can't find the deed to their home, he'll help by contacting the Harrison County Records Department on the Internet.