OS Finds Creative Ways To House Festival Vendors

Ocean Springs business and homeowners are opening their doors to out-of-town artists who will show off their talents at the Peter Anderson Festival.

With so much going on, everyone's looking for some normal, fun things to do. And the big Peter Anderson Festival in downtown Ocean Springs is the perfect way to do that.

To make sure the show goes on, there are about 30 homeowners throughout the city who will have the vendors staying with them. That's because the hotels and B&B's around Ocean Springs are booked with hurricane relief workers.

"It really is an amazing community opportunity and great dedication on the part of over 300 artists and craftsmen who are equally as determined to come to this event as we are to host it," Ocean Springs Chamber Director Margaret Miller said.

For those vendors who arrive in their own travel trailers, there will be accommodations for them as well.

"Hancock Bank downtown is allowing us to have RVs and campers in their parking lot. So we'll be housing folks there and our local Wal-mart store is setting up what we call Camp Peter Anderson, and that's going to be interesting. And then the YMCA will be housing and showering some of our people," Miller said.

The Peter Anderson Festival will take place the weekend of November 5th and 6th.