Demolition And Debris Removal Begins At Point Cadet

Demolition and debris removal crews are keeping busy at Point Cadet. One of the oldest neighborhoods in East Biloxi was among the hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina.

A giant steel claw crushed the rubble of what once was a home on Third Street. An angry Katrina spread her destructive wrath across all of East Biloxi.

The City of Biloxi posted notices seeking "right of entry" approval from home owners. That approval clears the way for clean up.

"We have to clear the lots, take the houses down that were structurally damaged during the storm and remove them to a dump site," said Fred Fayard, one of the contractors who's working at Point Cadet.

"My aunt and uncle lived right there on Third Street. I grew up right around the corner," said Renee Seymour.

Seymour grieves for her old neighborhood. Her relatives returned to find most everything washed away.

"At first we didn't know if they'd left or not, so that was really scary. But we found they'd stayed at another family member's house. So, it's pretty, it's a mess. I feel sorry for all those people down here. They've lost everything," said Seymour.

Walk through any neighborhood in East Biloxi and you can better understand the enormous task the city faces with demolition and debris clean up. Seeing destruction like this also makes you better understand the fact Katrina destroyed some five thousand structures in the City of Biloxi.

"Properties that are being cleared now are the ones we already have a right of entry agreement signed by the property owner, to clean the property up and where there is no question about the structure being damaged beyond repair," said Jerry Creel with the City of Biloxi.

Three different contractors are working on debris removal in Point Cadet. Creel says a majority of the work should be finished in the next 30 days.

Not all Point Cadet property owners agreed to sign the "right of entry" forms. Those challenging the debris clean up plan, will appear before a special meeting of the Biloxi City Council this Friday.