Shark Attack Victim's Family Holds Blood Drive

Relatives of the boy attacked by a shark near Pensacola say they want to thank the people who have helped them during this difficult period.

One way Jessie Arbogast's family is thanking the Pensacola community is by organizing a blood drive here to help replenish the supply that was used up after Jessie accident. Biloxi firefighters Joe Boney and Michelle Boney, who are Jessie's uncle and cousin, are spearheading the blood drive. They say they want to help not only Jessie but all the children in that area that are in need.

"That hospital is full of children and families of tragedies and they're overcoming these obstacles. They're facing life and death situations," Joe Boney said. "Jessie's is apparently is a high profile case and there's a lot of attention put on it, but I think our prayers and our thoughts should go with all the families in that hospital and other children's hospitals around the world."

The Blood Drive will be Monday at the Biloxi Community Center on Howard Avenue from 7 a.m. until 4 p.m.

by Danielle Thomas