Shark Attack Victim Appears To Be Out Of Danger

Doctors say 8-year-old shark attack victim Jessie Arbogast does not appear to be in any imminent danger, but they continue to monitor his condition very closely.

The Ocean Springs boy is opening his eyes and blinking when his cornea is touched. His lungs are also working well. Doctors say there is still a risk of infection, and they are still not sure of the extent of any possible brain damage.

Meanwhile, Ocean Springs residents continue to show support for the young boy. From car washes to blood drives, hundreds of Ocean Springs Residents took part in different activities and fund raisers for Jessie.

Area residents say his situation has touched a special place in their hearts, and they want to do all they can to help. Mayor Seren Ainsworth says the community response to Jessie's tragedy is outstanding.

"We're just very pleased with the response we're getting today, and the fundraising benefits, and it's just another example of how Ocean Springs can come together and help ourselves and help our community," Mayor Ainsworth said.