Local Woman Sees Memorial To Help Heal

The Hurricane Camille memorial at the Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

But amidst the rubble, Martha Boyce sees hope in building an even greater monument.

She calls her dream the Mississippi Renaissance Center.

"I propose a plot of land somewhere, it could be donated by a farmer or a person who has a house or maybe a place that has been flooded that is no longer suitable for structures and shopping centers, but it's a local place that we can call our common ground because we all stood on that ground," said Boyce.

And on this common ground, Boyce sees a museum dedicated to Hurricanes Camille and Katrina, where destruction is recorded and the halls are filled with the names of individuals and organizations who came to help during our times of need.

But the most important feature of her vision - a garden.

"After you've come out the building, there's a beautiful garden. It's planted by volunteers and donated plants and flowers by nurseries, by landscapers, by anyone, by children, people with all abilities, and we get closer to the garden and we see it's divided into a memorial garden which is beautiful but when we get closer, we see that in that garden, there are places that honor the people who lost their lives in the hurricanes," said Boyce.

She sees gardening as therapy for the soul, and she believes we all need to heal from our recent tragedy.

In fact, this firefighter from Denver, Colorado agrees with her, and has volunteered his landscaping services on the spot.

She hopes others will do the same.

Boyce has submitted her proposal to various South Mississippi officials.

If you would like to contribute or simply would like more information on Mrs. Boyce's dream of a Mississippi Renaissance Center and Garden, you can e mail her msbkt@aol.com.