Biloxi Couple Gets Trailer From California

"Holly Cow it is so huge, it is so huge".

Lanae Huff is talking about her new trailer, driven over 2,000 miles and hand delivered. Her home received serious damage after Katrina hit. Lanae and her husband were forced to live in tents in their back yard.

"This is like the biggest blessing I have ever had. Some one that doesn't even know me has driven from California and given me a home,"said Huff.

After just two attempts, the trailer was safely driven into Lanae's driveway.

The man with the big heart, is Herbert Heart. He donated his trailer and personally delivered it. After speaking with this family he knew he had to help.

"I thought now here's an opportunity to help some one with this because it can help somebody better than it can me right now," said Heart.

Herbert handed over the tittle to Lanae and her husband and they were overwhelmed. Lanae finally stepped foot in her new home and saw all the amenities included.

"Look at this, I'm gonna have running water. There's all kinds of stuff in here, there's bags and bags oh my goodness. This is unreal, this is crazy," said Huff.

This big blessing came in a huge package, and it made Lanae feel like a child on Christmas day.

"I am right now felling like the luckiest girl in the whole wide world," said Huff.

Inside every door was a new surprise.

"Theres pretzels and my favorite red beans. And dishes!"

The Huff family also received 1,000 pounds of goods and a $600 check.

By: Keitha Nelson