Church Just Wants Stained Glass Returned; No Questions Asked

It's bad enough Hurricane Katrina virtually destroyed the inside of St. Michael's Catholic Church. But now an apparent thief has thwarted recovery and rebuilding efforts.

A crew of college students from Catholic University recently helped clean up the sanctuary at the familiar "fishermen's church." They carefully stacked large pieces of broken stained glass window. But now that stack has disappeared.

"And the glass is important because there's colors, textures, designs in there. They're not going to reuse the glass, but they're going to use that to recreate the image that was already here. So, it's necessary to have that," Belinda Ryle said.

Ryle says the church is most interested in getting the glass pieces back. They can be returned to the sanctuary of St. Michael's Church at Point Cadet. No questions will be asked.