United Way Gives Local Chapters A $400,000 Grant

Red Cross and Salvation Army volunteers still man the front lines of relief. Boys and Girls Club members still seek shelter in temporary quarters. All, survive in part, with funding from The United Way.

Representatives of United Way Agencies from across South Mississippi gathered for good news about their funding futures.

"Each one of these United Ways has received $200,000 from the national fund to continue their work in these communities," announced Brian Gallagher, President of United Way of America.

Those two include the United Way of South Mississippi which includes Harrison, Hancock, and Pearl River Counties, and the United Way of Jackson and George Counties.

"When our funding sources and infrastructure is gone, we get a little bit disjointed. But they help bring us together with grants, and with funding, and with personnel," says John Walton, Board President of United Way of South Mississippi.

"Not everybody has been hurt, but a lot of our community has. And it's going to really be important to us this year to be able to fund our campaign, so that we can fund those agencies, so they can meet the needs that we know are going to be there," says Chris Anderson, Board President of United Way of Jackson and George Counties.

Funding that all agree will help those agencies address the immediate needs of hurricane recovery and the rebuilding South Mississippi.

"Emergency food, emergency shelter, counseling, daycare for kids," says Gallagher. "You're also going to need services to rebuild people's lives: daycare services, transportation services, mental health counseling."

All needs that come with the functioning and vibrant South Mississippi community of the future, supported, as always, by its battered but determined United Way Agencies.