Dale Wants Across The Board Proof Of Loss Waiver

Mississippi's insurance commissioner says each insurance company has different requirements about filing a proof of loss form.

"The story was absolutely correct. It is in a policy and under normal conditions, there's nothing wrong with it being in there, but we find ourselves everyday in unusual circumstances because of the nature of the storm we've just been through. So yes, it was a correct story, you were correct in reporting that, but it's not going to be relevent beginning today," says George Dale.

That's because Dale's office is sending notices to all insurers that do business in Mississippi directing them to indefinitely do away with the proof of loss claim.

"We've already gotten commitment from State Farm, we got commitment from Allstate, that has been waived as we speak  The insurance companies will receive this bulletin letter telling them because of the nature of this type storm, that won't even be in the policy for right now. So people that are upset about that, forget it."

But that waiver won't last forever. That's why Dale says people should not wait to try to recoup their losses.

"You can't wait until next April and file the claim and expect that that not to be good cause."

State Farm's corporate headquarters in Illinois told us it does not routinely require a proof of loss form, and in the event it does ask for one, the company provides the form with instructions how to complete it and when it should be submitted, which is usually 60 days.

As far as flood insurance, FEMA oversees that. According to an August 31st bulletin, that agency waived the proof of loss requirement unless you disagree with the adjuster's settlement or payment. In that case, you may submit a proof of loss form within a year after the loss.