Crack House Raid Puts Neighborhood At Ease

Four people were arrested when several law enforcement agencies raided a suspected crack house on Pearl Street in Moss Point.

Officials with the Jackson County Bureau of Narcotics said tips from the neighborhood prompted the raid. They said their office has been flooded with calls from folks who were fed up with the drug traffic in the neighborhood. Residents say they were glad to see this day come.

"I'm just glad to see something being done about it," area resident Timothy Nelson said. "It's been a major problem. I've been having so many complaints, and I've been complaining."

Officers say community involvement is crucial to getting drug dealers behind bars.

"We can't overstate how important it is for the citizens of Moss Point to support us in our mission of taking crack cocaine off their streets," Narcotics officer Craig Douglas said.

Task Force officials say they've been working on the drug bust for the past four days.