Kids Learn Robotics At Week-Long Camp At USM

Students may be out for the summer, but that's not stopping them from learning.tudying advanced robotics at the Gulf Coast campus of USM .

Eight middle school students from various schools from across the Coast have spent this week building their own robots at the Gulf Coast campus of USM. The advanced robotics summer camp is offered by "Kids Work Studios ."

Robots of all shapes and sizes were designed and programmed to do a number of simple tasks, like following an obstacle course or carrying small objects. The students have learned scientific applications and they've learned the lingo.

"I added a third servo to the robot so it could haul stuff and then dump stuff using a program," Long Beach student Junior Husband said.

"A certain program you have to load into your computer, and then you type in the commands and then you download it to your robot, and once you set your robot down it will go ahead and do what you want it to do," adds Biloxi student Richard Fontes.

Computer and science skills were an important part of the week-long camp. The students say part of the fun was in personalizing their robots. They used a variety of shapes and even gave the machines names.