Mechanical Graveyard Houses Vehicles Damaged By Katrina

Thousands of vehicles were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and you might be wondering what happens to a car or truck that was underwater or crushed by a tree.

The first step is towing the vehicle off, then the insurance settlement process begins. This is happening in a field in Harrison County that has been turned into a mechanical graveyard.

The nearly 200 acre site is being run by a company out of California called Copart. It's one of the largest companies of its kind in the world.

Company President Jay Adair has never seen anything like the volume of vehicles damaged by Katrina.

About 10,000 cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles are being stored at the site right now. The vehicles are from Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. The motorized hurricane casualties are being kept here while the titles are processed and turned over to insurance companies who then settle with policy holders.

They are ultimately branded flood vehicles. Adair says most of these hurricane victims will be "parted out." The metal and some components will be salvaged, some will be crushed. The parts will end up all over America.