Good Samaritans Adopt Long Beach

Long Beach police investigator Georgette Harral's house needs a new roof. So to prep for the work, volunteers with Virginia's Valley Responds are ripping out the ceiling and patching the roof.

Jim Davis, a Virginia contractor says, "Both ends blew open and rain got in the attic, so we're tearing all the drywall out of the attic and all the rooms that we can find any kind of mold. Taking it apart so a contractor can come in here and say, 'I can do this for X amount of dollars.'"

The group of Good Samaritans is part of a rotating crew that will be in and out of Long Beach during the next year.

Kitty Braun of Waynesboro, Virginia, knows a little about the area. She and her family used to detour to the Coast while visiting New Orleans.

"I had friends in Gulfport a long time ago and it was just so nice. When I saw it on TV I said, 'I can't sit here and have my nice coffee and have a nice bathroom and do this and all those people down there are suffering like that.' And from I've seen, just what I saw on TV, I had this need and I don't know where it came from, but I had to come down," Braun says.

Valley Responds is working alongside Samaritan's Purse ; a ministry led by the Reverend Billy Graham's son Franklin.

Representative Jim Sullenger says, "I really felt that Long Beach was a community we could embrace, we could put our arms around. We're committed long term to the recovery and restoration of Long Beach, and even more exciting, the future and improving Long Beach, if that's even possible."

That's a possibility members of Samaritan's Purse and Virginia Responds are willing to invest a year of their lives in.

Although Virginia Responds and Samaritan's Purse have adopted Long Beach, the volunteers are working around the Coast wherever they are needed.