Gulfport Woman Begs Council To Clean Up Rotting Port Debris

At Tuesday's Gulfport City Council meeting, the administration was given a disgusting present.

A west Gulfport resident gave the council a bag of 50-day-old, rotten pork bellies from her front yard. She begged the council to clean up the health hazard from the port that's now plaguing her neighborhood.

"Fat backs. It goes along with the huge bags of chicken, some have burst open, all of which are being covered in swarming flies that bite. And when I read in the paper that we're about to start cleaning up the hazardous debris that harmful to people's health from Debuys Road and go to 49, I thought. 'What world are you living in?' Not mine," the woman said.

Mayor Brent Warr says he told the Port of Gulfport's tenants who owned the chicken, pork bellies and other products to remove all of the waste weeks ago. Now there's a lawsuit pending because of it.

"We are in an incredibly bad position right now because of all of the stuff that doesn't belong to the city. And it's not legal for us to go in there and take it. They have a financial and a legal responsibility for cleaning up their debris," Mayor Warr said.

The council agreed to make a decision by Friday on how to clean up the area.