Architects Call For Developing A "Town Center" For Gautier

Gautier is one of the younger cities on the coast. It's also a city that's been working hard to build its ecotourism industry. That's one of the assets architect Neal Payton considered in the blueprint for growing Gautier.

"I think the first is creating a center for Gautier through the redevelopment of the mall and the expansion strategy for the community college that will allow the center of Gautier to tie itself together and really create and identifiable center.

"Second is to create a marina village at the waterfront that is appealing both to local residents and tourists alike. And even making Delapoint into a main street that is an adorable place.

"The third is to provide growth opportunities for Gautier through infield and expansion both across 90 from Shell Landing, as well as other vacant parcels that allow the network of streets that are not quite there to be really created so that traffic is relived from any of those major ulteriors," Payton said.

The architects have also proposed a regional trolley that residents and tourists could use to travel around Jackson County.