Fort Walton Beach City Workers Sell Leave Time To Help D'Iberville

The City of D'Iberville got a really big present from city workers in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Monday, Fort Walton Mayor Mike Anderson presented the city council with more than $60,000 in donations.

Anderson said city workers sold leave time to make up half of the money, the city donated the rest.

"For example, one of the park and recreation guys sold 60 hours back. That's a lot of time off that he decided to give to the city of D'Iberville. It was an easy thing for us to match the employee's effort. That's how we came up with the money and the idea," Anderson said.

The mayor said his town has seen its share of hurricanes, so the city's employees were more than willing to step up and help.

Half of the money will go to help 18 of D'Iberville's city employees who lost their homes. As for the rest, the city must still decide where it can best be spent.