Shearwater Pottery In Ocean Springs Needs Help

The owners of Shearwater Pottery in Ocean Springs are asking for help rebuilding. The pottery shop, showroom, and homes on the historic property were all severely damaged or destroyed by Katrina.

Marjorie Ashley and her family have salvaged at least 500 pottery pieces from Shearwater Pottery, but thousands more are still unaccounted for.

"I just feel good that there's something here," Ashley says.

Most of what Ashley knew of her family's pottery shop, Katrina washed away.

"It's somewhat surreal. It looks wounded and hurt. It was Ocean Springs tourist attraction... for many, many years. That was my world."

She didn't expect this devastation could even happen.

"They withstood many, many storms. Who would have known that I should have taken. It's a lesson we have to learn the hard way."

For Ashley, that means thinking back on what she could have done differently.

"I would have taken all of the beautiful pottery. I would have taken my records that I don't have anymore," Ashley cries.

But when Ashley looks at what's left of her past, she struggles to see a future. She says her family needs help bringing the Ocean Springs landmark back.

"Something that is very very difficult to ask for, we need financial aid," Ashley reluctantly says.

Shearwater Pottery will never be the same.

"There might be some changes to our glazes and such because we've lost a great deal of information,"Ashley adds.

But Ashley says with the help of the community, it will be back.

By the way, Ashley says Shearwater Pottery also needs political support from the community to rebuild. Zoning laws have changed over the years, and the had been grandfathered in to allow it to operate.