New Program Helps Gulfport Police Find Owners Of Missing Bikes

Last year, 150 bicycles were reported lost or stolen in Gulfport. So far this year, 16 bikes have been stolen. That's why on Wednesday afternoon, Gulfport police kicked off "Operation Bike Rescue".

Here's now the program works: You fill out a postage-paid registration card, and mail it to the police department. The information will be entered into a database.  You will receive a sticker with a city I.D. number.  If police find your missing bike, they can use the I.D. and serial numbers to track you down.

Robert Johnson with the Gulfport Police Department says there are a lot of owners out there who have lost their bicycles, and would like to have their bicycles back.  This type of program will help citizens retrieve their property.  It also helps out the police department, because so many bikes are waiting to be claimed.  If police can return the bikes to the owners, there's less inventory to worry about.

You can get a registration card, by calling the Community Relations Division at the Gulfport Police Department.  That number is 868-5814.  You can also contact bike stores in Gulfport to see if they have the cards.  Eventually, the police department will provide a website so residents can register their bikes on-line.

By:  Trang Pham-Bui