Cedar Lake Road Widening Ends, Area Businesses Relieved

Several months ago, Cathy Roybal had a tough time getting in and out of the Sonic Restaurant on Cedar Lake Road. Roybal says traffic was backed up, and she couldn't take a right or a left turn.

Sonic General Manager Mickey Houck says restaurant revenues dropped because at times, drivers had no access to the restaurant. In the evenings, crews would close off the driveway, making it hard for customers and employees to get onto the property.

But Cedar Lake looks very different now. It has five lanes, instead of two. Business owners and drivers are relieved the construction mess and traffic headaches are gone.

Terri Schaefer drives the road everyday. She says it's easier to get into the businesses now, thanks to the turning lane. Schaefer says patience is indeed a virtue.

Houck says the project was a long and difficult process, but it was very worthwhile in the end. Jane Dietz owns the McDonald's Restaurant on Cedar Lake. She says the road has made the area look really uptown, like there's a lot of action going on.

Many people expect this wider road will lure more businesses to the area. Dietz says it looks very spacious and accommodating, and businesses that are considering moving to any area tend to look at ingress and egress. Houck says he has talked to some of the business owners, and they're interested in bringing other businesses, like restaurants, to the area.

Construction crews are still putting some finishing touches on Cedar Lake Road this week. The project costs $1.8 million.

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