Ohr Museum Plan Prompts Public Reaction

Frank Gehry's plans for the new Ohr Museum are already creating strong public reaction.

Those who appreciate his vision and building concepts are using words like daring, bold and sculptural. But not everyone shares that same vision. Their description may include adjectives like odd, bizarre or outlandish.

We showed a picture of the plans to residents and tourists outside the new post office on Pass Road in Biloxi.

Shirley Wallace of Gulfport said the plans remind her of outer space, but she still likes the design drawings.

Her friend, Courtney Daniel agrees.

"Mostly down here we have older homes you know. And this is really two thousand-ish. Yeah. I like it," Daniel said.

Lisa Duvanchelle of Biloxi like the modern look.

"Up to date. Modern. It's real nice. I like it."

"It's really something to look at. It's really nice. I like it," Biloxi resident Dan Allen said.

With such glowing reaction from locals, we also showed the plans to the vacationing Morse family from Southern Illinois.

"Oh, I think it's lovely. I like the colors. I like the way they intertwined it with the trees. Because I'm one of those people, I like the environment; I like stuff like that," Amelia Morse said.

Her mom, Brenda, echoed the compliments.

"Beautiful work. I think he has incorporated it around the trees lovely. This is a gorgeous area down here anyway. We enjoy our vacation down here every year. So it'll be nice to see when we come back."

Biloxi architect David Hardy, appreciates the museum plans from a professional viewpoint. He says Frank Gehry is simply among the best in the world. Hardy says the museum plans reflect the passion that goes into a Gehry project.

"You might get some strong reactions up front when they see it and say what is that. But I think once it's in place and people experience it, they're really going to appreciate it for all the wonderful qualities that it has," Hardy said.

By Steve Phillips

Get a better look at the proposed design for the Ohr Museum: