Job Trends for the Early 21st Century

1) The number of internet, computer and e-commerce jobs will skyrocket.

2) The number of communications-related jobs will increase dramatically -- especially online publishing, programming and producing opportunities.

3) Bilingual and multilingual job applicants will have a bevy of high-paying opportunities -- especially in e-commerce and communications fields.

4) Advances in technology will decrease business costs and will facilitate the expansion of small businesses (especially home businesses) and small business job opportunities.

5) There will be a glut of jobs offering excellent pay, advancement opportunities and equity in high-tech service industries.

6) Computer literacy will be a prerequisite for almost all high-paying jobs.

7) Changing careers will become (even more) commonplace; more and more organizations will struggle to retain highly qualified personnel.

8) Every year, more people will use internet resources to find new jobs.

9) The electronics industry will have a bevy of new jobs -- especially in hardware development, maintainence & repair.

10) The medical industry will see a dramatic number of new jobs in the field of institutional care for the elderly (as America's baby boomers hit retirement age).