Debris Removal Deadline Approaching In Jackson County

An important deadline is approaching for Jackson County residents who need help removing debris from their property in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. To apply for debris removal assistance residents must complete a "Right of Entry" form by Oct. 28.

"This is a hard deadline set by FEMA," said David Groves, debris manager for the county's Unified Command Team. "The Oct. 28 deadline is the 60-day mark following Hurricane Katrina. For each city and the county to receive financial reimbursement from FEMA all the forms have to be in on time."

A "Right of Entry" form grants county or city contractors permission to come on to private property and collect hurricane debris.

Residents can pickup a "Right of Entry" form from the following locations:

  • Pascagoula- Code Enforcement Office at 4015 14th Street. Contact (228) 938-6620
  • Gautier- Utility Building on 3305 Gautier-Vancleave Rd. Contact (228) 497-2276
  • Ocean Springs- City Hall in the Planning Office at 1018 Porter St. Contact (228) 875-4236
  • Moss Point- City Hall in the Building Inspector’s Office. Contact (228) 475-0300
  • Jackson County- Planning Department at Civic Center, St. Andrews Fire Station, Elks Lodge on Beach View, St. Martin Library, and the West Jackson County Road Department.

This removal assistance is available for residents whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. County and city officials will remove debris at no costs to residents, who, as a result of the hurricane, sustained damage of more than 50 percent to their homes or received significant damage from debris from surrounding areas, and incurred damage that is a threat to the public health and safety.

Homes located in areas declared "catastrophic damage areas" will receive priority.

To date, almost 2,000,000 cubic yards of hurricane debris has been collected in Jackson County. This total is equal to filling 20 football fields with more than 50 feet deep of debris.

Contractors continue to struggle with debris being piled on top of fire hydrants and gas meters. Within the last week several hydrants and gas lines were broken as debris was being removed. Residents are asked to stack or move debris away from all utilities.