Sand Dumped In Long Beach May Contain Sewage

Long Beach officials are investigating a smelly mess found on the beach. Some firefighters became suspicious Thursday morning when they noticed a truck dumping piles of sand near Cleveland Avenue.

Chief George Bass says he believes the sand contained sewage water and debris that had been vacuumed out of storm drains along Highway 90.

The truck belonged to a company subcontracted by the state Department of Transportation to clean the storm drains.

Chief Bass called in state environmental officials to determine if the sand was disposed of properly.

"I think it's nasty. I think we need to get it cleaned up and we shouldn't be a disposal site for the coast. I don't know if they're doing it in other cities, but if they are, they need to be stopped all along the coastline here. This is not acceptable," Chief Bass said.

WLOX News asked Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown about the situation. He says the company was hired to vacuum the storm drains and put the sand back on the beach.

Brown says he's talking with DEQ and FEMA to determine if the sand is saturated with sewage, and if so, how to safely dispose of it.