Vermont City Ships Hundreds Of Pumpkins To Moss Point

A big present from a far-away city is lifting spirits in Moss Point. Burlington, Vermont adopted the Jackson County city to help in the recovery efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Since the storm, the city has sent money and manpower. Wednesday, they sent 1000 pumpkins to help the city get ready for its annual autumn fest.

"This is called Fall-da-rah," Harry McDonald says.

"It's something everybody looks forward to every year," student Miosha Pharr says.

Event Coordinator Linda Holden says this year would have been the first in a long time the city didn't have the autumn display.

"This year the pumpkin crop was obliterated," Holden says.

"Katrina was not very kind to us," McDonald adds.

But Burlington,Vermont is. Holden says the city's mayor is the one who called for the shipment.

"He said, you want pumpkins? We'll send you pumpkins. Ever since we've called him mayor-peter-peter-pumpkin-sender," Holden laughs.

What a pumpkin package it is.

"Some were heavy, and then they had little bity small ones," Pharr says.

Some were so heavy it took a team of volunteers to move.

"They've really got to be kind people because that big pumpkin I saw across the street, it took a lot of effort to get it here," McDonald adds.

Pumpkins weren't the only presents. Scarecrows and flowers also made the long trip. Now the city can spring into fall keeping Katrina in the summer.

Resident Harry McDonald believes these presents will be more than just decorations.

"I think that you will see the morale lifted," McDonald says.

For that, Moss Point residents are thankful.

"We are all very grateful," Holden says.

"We appreciate it," McDonald says.