Uncle of Ocean Springs Boy Called 911 - Transcripts Finally Released

In a frantic effort to save his nephew's life, Vance Flosenzier called 911 for help. His nephew, 8 year old Jessie Arbogast was attacked by a shark on Friday.  The little boy lost an arm and suffered other serious injuries.  The following is the tanscript of Friday's call to an Escambia County 911 dispatcher from Flosenzier.

911: Escambia 911. Hello?

Doctors say that it is too early to tell if Jessie has brain damage. The boy's body was almost drained of blood after he was attacked by a bull shark in the surf last Friday. Doctors say the tremendous loss of blood damaged almost all the boy's organs and could have damaged his brain.

Surgeons reattached Jessie Arbogast's right arm, but he remains in a coma. Electroencephalograph readings show brain activity akin to deep sleep. The Ocean Springs youngster was initially taken to Baptist Hospital where his arm was reattached. Staffers there reported he blinked and nodded in response to questions hours after coming out of the lengthy reattachment surgery. Doctors say he has not responded in that fashion since being moved to Sacred Heart on Sunday. He's in critical condition.

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