Neighborhood Wants Answers On Injured Cats

On this snapshot, you can see 2-year old Oreo is a very laid back, relaxed cat, with beautiful yellow eyes.

But as you can see, Oreo looks a little different now.

That's because one of his eyes had to be removed after his owner says someone shot him with a pellet gun last weekend here in Landon Lake Estates.

"I noticed that he had came home, he missed his supper one night , we were looking for him and didn't find him. When we did, he had been shot in the eye. After our vets and everybody took care of him, I came home to find out some information from neighbors, and as I'm starting to pass out flyers about my cat, I find several other pet owners that have had the same problem, and very recently, very recently," said owner and professional pet groomer Wanda Dewberry.

Nette Everett is one of those neighbors.

She says her cat, Mr. Bojangles, suffered the same fate as Oreo during the same time frame, and it's been pretty tough for her family to deal with.

"Our children are faced with the upheaval of their routine and their environment as this hurricane has blown through and all of a sudden they are faced with the possibility of losing a family member through our cat, so it was really a hard thing on our family," said Everett.

Especially since it looks like it is becoming a trend - one other cat was shot and one is missing.

They say if it's not safe for their pets to move around this somewhat rural neighborhood, then it's not safe for humans either.

And Dewberry and her neighbors plan to get to the bottom of it.

"We're looking for information, we're really fishing for information. We've had some calls, we've had some contacts with some of the people in the neighborhood that are expressing opinions. Right now, we're just trying to gather as much information as we can, so that we can go from there," said Dewberry.

A one-thousand dollar reward is being offered for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for harming these cats.

If you have any information, please call 596-8032.