Couple Surprised With Post Katrina's First New Gulfport Home

It was a short walk home from church unlike any other for Clevon and Correna Robinson.

Hand in hand with the Baldwin County Alabama contractors who built them a new home in just seven days, the Robinsons were joined by their entire church congregation in celebration of this monumental good will effort.

"Mrs. Robinson, Mr Robinson, from all of us in Baldwin County, we hope you live happily and comfortably the rest of you lives, a representative of the Alabama group told the Robinsons. "Here are the keys to your new home."

And with that, they used that key for the first time.

"Ohhh! I'm home! I'm Home," exclaimed Mrs Robinson.

It's a fully furnished home complete with creature comforts the Robinson's never dreamed of.

"Do you know how to work that dishwasher," asked one of the men.

"I'll learn," said Mrs. Robinson.

And the joy just kept growing, as they moved to the bedroom.

"This is so beautiful," said Mrs Robinson. "This is my side right here, and that's his side."

In the guest bedroom another surprise, their daughter who arrived unexpectedly from out of town.

A surviving relic rescued from their old home awaited them in their new hallway

"He asked me for my picture and look at us. He put it up side of my own wall."

And outside, a final surprise on this day of countless blessings.

"When we built you this house we didn't want you to take on any burdens that you might have had with you're old house," announced one of the contractors. "So what we all did, we decided that if we're going to give you a house, we're going to give you a house , so we're going to go ahead and pay the mortgage off on this house."

Mr. Robinson had the final word of praise for the Alabama crew that did so much, so quickly, and so selflessly.

"Thank you all from the bottom on my heart.