Contractors: Give Us What We Are Owed

A group of subcontractors working for AshBritt Envirornmental Company say they are fed up and want answers.

Their question, when are they going to get paid?

The group says they've been working for three weeks without a paycheck

"We can't get our money because they do not know who is over what. We have it right here in black and white," says contractor Reggie Little.

Tempers are high and patience has run out for many contract workers who say they are not getting the money that was promised to them.

"Ashbritt who is the Fema contractor refuses to pay us our money These workers along with other subcontractors were hired by Ashbritt Environmental Company to remove debris from the streets of Jackson County," says Little.

"We were promised one thing under a contract to get paid every week. It has been three weeks since we have not been paid," said contractor Cliff Skelton.

Fed up with miscommunication these angry men decided to go to the source to demand an explaination.

"I have a detailed bill of what we are owed. I have the tickets to back it up signed by the Corp. These boys are about to lose every thing they got. When are we going to get paid?" said Little.

"I will give you a letter. Take care of that in the office tommorrow (Sunday)," said Ashbritt representitive Bill Johnson as he closed the door to his office.

"They can get their money. The problem was you have a lot of people, a lot of subs, they were not getting paid correctly. So we stopped everything so we can do our audit so we can take care of these people properly," said Johnson who had reopened the door a few seconds later.

"Any other question please refer to our office," said Johnson.

The only question remaining for these workers now is, will they finally get their paychecks as promised, when that office opens.

Ashbritt Environmental Company is advising all subcontractors involved in the debris removal who have not been paid for their work can go to the office in Saucier after nine Sunday morning .