Hundreds Gather For Cruising The Coast Post Katrina

The sites, the sounds, the names, and the faces are familiar. But much has changed at this makeshift 10th anniversary version of Cruisin the Coast.

And on this Saturday afternoon, many thankful to be invited to cruise into this abbreviated edition of Cruisin the Coast.

"A lot of people were kinda getting stir crazy from everything that's happening and kinda going in circles I guess," says Terry Ward Vice President of Coast Cruizers. Because with so much damage they don't know which way to go so we decided to have something to kind of take their mind off of that for a little while."

For Les Rude of Gulfport, this almost as much fun as fixing up a 48 ford pickup truck.

"This is the best thing to happen in the past 6 weeks," says Rude. "It gives everybody a break to get away and just enjoy themselves a few minutes."

Despite the hardships Coast Cruisers and their friends plan to continue on with a cruise in later this month in Ocean Springs and a Toys for Tots drive in December in Biloxi. As for Cruising the Coast, well they say that will continue on as well, and like the rest of the coast get bigger and better in the years to come.

"It may take a while but we're going to come back full strength eventually," promises Ward.

Vince Puglisi came from Slidell Louisiana to be here, and he promises to be here next year, weather of not there's a hotel room to be had or a highway 90 to cruise.

"We'll do what we have to do even if we have to commute back and forth but we'll see what happens but we'll definitely be there," says Puglisi.