South Mississippi Church Receives Bus Load Of Relief

Solid Rock Church is its name, but not even this rock could withstand Katrina's wrath.

When first time Pastor Katie Anthony stepped into her church she could not believe her eyes.

"I felt quite weak, quite violated, quite in awhile, and yet in still I had the faith that God was gonna make everything thing that had happened bad, he was gonna make it right," Pastor Anthony said.

Anthony says she's overwhelmed by the generosity of those near and far who come willing to help.

She believes they are getting a little push from a very big man.

"We are being blessed day by day there is no sorrow because we know there is no limit to what God can do. And he is working with the hearts of the people," said Pastor Anthony.

Apparently he's working through the hearts of people like Washington D.C. police officer Sharon Cain'Sith who drove nineteen hours in a bus full of volunteers and supplies.

"I came because they needed me. This was my calling per say. that was the reason I came wether corrections had approved this or not I was coming," Cain'Sith said.

Anthony's son Reverend George Holmes who currently lives in Washington DC headed this trip.

When he saw the devastation he called his mother.

Through communications with his mother, he knew exactly what the people needed and exactly what needed to be done.

"My mothers home was destroyed my mothers church was destroyed. I had to do something as an individual as a son I did what any other son would do. You go out and you help your mother,"said Holmes.

Pastor Anthony says this outpouring of generosity has helped strengthen her faith that she can withstand anything. "After having gone through all of the hurricanes I've seen. How do I feel, I can go through another one. I don't want to but I will if I have to. Its all good."