Swimming Pool Inspires Biloxi Inventor

A Biloxi man's built-in swimming pool inspired him to invent a new way of fertilizing the lawn.

Richard Davis created a unique fertilizer system that works much like a pool chlorinator.

The invention feeds a measured amount of fertilizer or lawn chemicals into a typical underground lawn sprinkler system.

He's already received a patent on his fertilizer invention. Davis says he got the idea from his swimming pool equipment.

"I was chlorinating the pool one day. And that's a pool chlorinator. And I thought if you can feed the pool with chlorine, why can't you feed the lawn with fertilizer and chemicals? So I started playing with this thing about three years ago, four years ago maybe. And this is what I come up with."

Davis says he built the fertilizer system with common parts that are readily available. The military retiree says he enjoys tinkering with his invention but has no plans to market it just yet.