Furry Lions Bring Smiles To Children After Katrina

As soon as they saw the wagging tail and heard the familiar tune, the youngsters at Anniston Elementary went wild.

Theo the Lion appeared and told the kids, "If you see my sister, I want you to roar."

"ROAR," the children screamed.

The loveable stars of the PBS show "Between the Lions " visited Anniston to bring laughter to children who've endured so much pain and confusion since Katrina.

"Children, especially at a time like this, have a lot of questions, and a lot of their world has literally been blown away. Right after the hurricane hit, everyone was really looking for a way that they could help," MPB Director Marie Antoon said.

So the children danced the Hokie Pokie and poked fun at their assistant principal, who dressed up in funny-looking baggy pants. They also listened to a story read by Mississippi's first lady Marsha Barbour.

"You've been through a lot lately, and to see your smiling faces is just joy to me," Marsha Barbour said.

After the show, each child received a bag of books and plenty of hugs and love.

"We tried very hard to be warm and fuzzy with the children this week, and our children just bounce back and they're just great," Principal Vicki Williams said.

The teachers at Anniston also received surprises, including backpacks filled with books, videos and school supplies to share with their class.