Contractors Volunteer To Build House In Seven Days

Every nail in place and every piece of lumber cut and measured, bring volunteers one step closer to finishing a new house for a couple in need. Cleavon and Correna Robinson lost their small house on 26 1/2 Street, when three trees fell on it during Katrina.

"I didn't get upset. I didn't get distressed. I told them I'm too blessed to be distressed," said Correna Robinson.

When the contractors from Baldwin County, Alabama, heard about the couple's dilemma, they put their skills to work.

"He says Mother Robinson, we're going to help you. We're going to build you a house, and it ain't going to cost you one nickle. We're going to give it to you. Oh, when he said that, I love it," said Robinson.

"We started making phone calls and getting everything donated and getting manpower to get this done. So it's been a fun week to get something like this done in seven days," said contractor Don Benson.

"Seven day house. I mean God created the world in seven days. We build this thing in seven, or will be. On the 5th day we golfed," said developer Dickie Brunson.

Everything in the house is donated, from the marble bathtub to granite countertops. Despite all the luxuries inside the house, what impressed the Robinsons the most is actually on the outside. Mother Robinson finally has her dream porch.

"I asked the Lord for a front porch, and he gave me two porches. You see, God did that for me. I won't give it to nobody but God," said Robinson.

The crew has until Sunday to finish the job.

"We're getting a lot out of it. So that's most everyone of us have agreed we're over here for one reason, and it may be selfish, but it's making us feel good," said Benson.

The Robinsons are anxiously awaiting the moment, when they're handed the keys.

When asked if Cleavon Robinson will give his wife a key, he said "Oh sure, sure."

Correna laughed and responded, "Now, another woman better not have that key. God knows it's a blessing. We couldn't got no better blessing than our new home that we're fixing to move in."

The Robinsons haven't seen all the work going on inside the new house, but they will this Sunday, when their 860-square foot home is dedicated.