Eagle Point Man Questions Code Requirements

A homeowner in Eagle Point wants his electrical service restored. But David Eaker says he's frustrated over City of Biloxi code requirements.

"Our house is unlivable. I just want to get the power on in here so I can close this up and put a little window unit in. And we can put some mattresses on the floor and have a place to live and not be homeless anymore," said David Eaker, as he showed visitors his garage that may soon become home.

Eaker thought he was doing right, installing new outlets and cleaning the breaker box in his garage.

"It had trash all in it. I had to clean it all out. And I had one bad breaker up here I had to replace. And eventually I'll probably have to replace some more, but right now they're fine, they work fine," said Eaker, showing his recently completed repairs.

"I think the city should go out and inspect before they arbitrarily say you need a licensed electrician. And if you do, if you got any problems and I need an electrician, fine, I'll deal with that. But mine's safe, mine's fixed, mine's good," he explained.

David Eaker certainly isn't alone in his situation or his concerns. But for anyone who faces the task of repairing and/or restoring electrical service, there are specific city code requirements you should be aware of.

"It is a safety issue. We want to make sure the houses and the electrical systems are safe before we have the power turned back on," said Jerry Creel, who oversees code enforcement issues for the City of Biloxi.

Creel says home owners can do their own repairs, with a permit and within reason.

"If the building official determines that the homeowner is in over his head with what he's doing, he can stop the job and require them to go hire a licensed contractor to come and finish it," said Creel.

A city inspector who visited Eaker's house the same time we did, approved Eaker's repairs and promised power will be restored.