Weekend After Fourth Of July Proves Profitable

As the weekend comes to a close, having the Fourth of July holiday celebrated in the middle of the week certainly didn't hurt tourism on the coast. Other than the beach, folks from the area and tourists from out-of-town enjoyed the coasts tourist destinations.

Marine Life has been busy all week and even today lots of people were taking in the dolphin shows, touch pools, and even the sea lions.

"We've been very busy, in fact, I thought it would be just the opposite, I thought being in the middle of the week we were going to die down, people would start going home on the weekend, but it's been just the opposite. We've been swamped all weekend," Tim Hoffland, who works with the dolphins at Marine Life in Gulfport, said.

Since it was so hot, many others were in the water themselves at Wet Willy's and Slippery Sams and still others just took in a little miniature golf, and rode some rides at Fun Time USA.

"It's been a good week, good weekend, and it looks like everybody took off for the whole week, we had good crowds, and a good business," Fun Time USA employee David Smith said.

Some folks even took the time to enjoy the last day of the fair and rides at this past week's fishing rodeo at Rice Pavilion.