State School Board Changes Class Requirement

By law, all public schools in this state are required to be in session for 180 days, but not this school year. In an unprecedented move Wednesday afternoon, the State Board of Education decided to waive that requirement.

Because of Hurricane Katrina, some districts are just now getting classes back in session. Others are still making repairs and looking for temporary classrooms.

The state school board did not set a new minimum number of days for the year, giving each district flexibility for the remainder of the academic calendar.

"What they can do is they can add more minutes to each period, they can make up days and they'll be able to excuse days. So a combination of all three gives them the most flexibility possible," State Superintendent of Education Dr. Hank Bounds said.

Superintendents we spoke with were pleased with the decision. Each school will come up with its own plan, which should be turned in to the State Department of Education by November 15th.