Indian Casino Coming To Greene County?

Leakesville is a quiet town where residents say everybody knows everybody. But some people there say bringing a casino to the area could change all of that.

"We live in a very close knit community where the joke is that everybody is kin to each other, and we think that gambling coming into this area would destroy some of the things that make this community very special for a lot of people," Pastor Mack Strange said.

That's why Pastor Strange and several other pastors have formed a group called Greene County Citizens Against Gambling. They say they hope to prove to residents that gaming brings more problems than benefits.

"We have looked at counties like Tunica, where the crime rate increased from less than a thousand to 11,000 in four years," Pastor Strange said.

"Cost goes up in taking care of the broken homes, families that are set aside, a lose of property, folks that can't pay their bills," Pastor Walter Mixon said.

Pastor Strange says he feels that most residents don't want gaming in the area, but there are some who like the idea because it would create more jobs, and help the local schools.

"Like the schools and things, you take the schools, and they're in poverty right now," Leakesville resident Freddie Packer said.

"I'm for it," Mamia Holloway said. "I think it would be great for Mississippi."

Residents should know more about the possibility of a casino in a week or two when the Jena Tribe of Choctaw Indians goes before the board of supervisors.