Special Computer Delivery To Pass Schools

Gulfport Seabees hauled in boxload after boxload of computers and monitors into Delisle Elementary School Monday.

Four of Pass Christian's schools are all crammed under Delisle Elementary's roof, and the kids need computers. So the Seabees turned to Charity in Action looking for them.

"We did this about two and a half weeks ago and I said, 'This is the deadline that we have as Seabees to get their school back up and running and safe to be occupied.' I said, 'You can help me at the end of this thing to get what they need to be a school when that's all over,'" says Chaplain Martie Johnson of Gulfport NMCB 7, who put together the computer drive.

"Tons of volunteers in Philadelphia really helped us do it, but that's really what it was like, just tell us what you need and we were able to do it," the director of Charity in Action, Frank Vagnone said.

Charity in Action organized the computer delivery with Quest for Tech, a company that collects and refurbishes old computers.

Executive Director Jason Connell says, "We knew the hurricane had hit this area pretty hard and we had a lot of computers in storage and decided if we could organize the people, we could really send a mass computer load down to the school district and try to help out."

No one is more excited about the new computers than the woman who heads up the school's technology department.

"I felt like after the storm we were gonna be pushed back into the stone age with technology and now we're back up into current times of technology. So it's real blessing for us," Teresa Burton said.

When the students return to class next week, they too will find a real blessing awaits them.