Family Wants Hancock County To Make Kiln Delisle Road Safer

Diana Holden had tears in her eyes as she walked past the curve where her 26-year-old son died. "No words at all can explain what this tragedy has done to our family."

A week earlier, Shannon Simms lost control of his car. He crashed and died.

"I not only lost my brother," David Simms said, "I lost my best friend."

Shannon Simms was on Kiln Delisle Road near the Fenton community. Sometime before 5:00 a.m., his car left the roadway. His tires left imprints in the road's grassy shoulder. And the car left an eerie imprint in the side of a large concrete wall.

To remember Shannon, family members placed a white cross at the accident site. They'd like to do more. So Shannon's brother and his mother are on a mission. They want guard rails installed at the base of this curve, so other cars don't careen toward the cement culvert.

"If guard rails is all it would have taken, please dear God, we've got to have some guard rails so nobody else has to go through this," Mrs. Holden said.

Because there's been at least three recent tragedies near this Kiln Delisle curve, Hancock County District 3 supervisor Jay Cuevas told WLOX News the Simms family may get its wish. At the July 17, 2001 board meeting, Cuevas will ask supervisors to find a way to make this curve safer. That news was a blessing for the family that just lost a loved one.

"Please prevent somebody else from being killed like this," David Simms said.

David Simms and his mom will be at the July 17 meeting. They'll urge supervisors to make sure the Shannon Simms marker is the last cross put up at the deadly Kiln Delisle Road curve.

Hancock County's road manager said supervisors plan on taking a closer look at several accident prone areas. He estimated that a guard rail at the Kiln Delisle curve would cost about $5,000.