George Washington Carver Alumni Come Together For All Class Reunion

Hundreds of former and current Picayune residents have come together for a very special reunion. It's the George Washington Carver all class reunion. Carver was an all black school until desegregation in 1970. And while the school may be a thing of the past, alumni say the school will always have a place in their hearts and in the history books.

They came from near and far to take part in this special reunion. Joan Floyd made the trek from New York. She was part of the class of 1964. "See all my old friends people I haven't seen in 25 years some in 30 years. Some people have changed and when you find out who the are you say oh my goodness and some people still seem the same."

One thing that isn't the same is the school itself.. It was built in 1917 and looked the same until 1951.. That school was eventually torn down and replaced by a new one. Today it's an elementary school.

"This gathering is one of the best things could happen to me" said Annie Johnson. Mrs. Johnson taught English at George Washington Carver for 40 years. Her Husband was principal of the school for as many years. " Our students some of them have really done well we've got doctors , nurses all kinds of businessmen there all in different professions."

Carver High was well known for it's band and football team. The school held the national record for the longest high school winning streak... a whooping 64 wins in row. Their state record still stands today. It's a major accomplishment for former athletic director Marion Henley " Most of my ball players tell me that I don't brag about the record enough. I'm extremely proud of the record but I take more pride in the fact that I was able to send so many young men off to institutions of higher learning colleges and universities and they're out there contributing now."

Educational success is a fact Buford Satcher stresses in a book he wrote about the school. "Most of the guys around here most of them played football , basketball some kind of sports I bet you 85 or 90 percent of them went on to college to graduate that's the things we're proud of."

The all class reunion is held every 3 years. This year the five day event includes a New Orleans steamboat ride and a parade Saturday July 7th. The reunion wraps up Sunday with a Church service.